BTC Chairman, Brother Ghazzali Jafar, my fellow Commissioners of this august body. Assalamu Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, Good Morning/Afternoon.

Almost four months have passed since the Expanded Bangsamoro Transition Commission was formally launched. In that short but challenging span of time, we rigorously tried to draft a CAB-compliant Bangsamoro Basic Law. Adopting the previously agreed draft BBL as our working reference, the Commission included new provisions we think will enhance the new draft BBL. As mandated to draft the BBL, we had extensive and continuous plenary and Committee sessions, we conducted different public consultations to hear the voice and concerns of our stakeholders. We argued and even debated on some specific provisions. This however did not prevent this body to come up with a draft BBL that will establish the Bangsamoro political entity.

By submitting this draft BBL to the Office of the President, let us hope and pray that this be urgently passed by the legislature especially in this trying times. Let us hope and be optimistic that the Office of the President and the Congress will remember the forty years of struggle that the Bangsamoro fought for and let that be a guide to them in enacting the BBL.

As a Commissioner, I can say, I have done my part. As a Bangsamoro, I still have so much to do.