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MILF accepts Bangsamoro Organic Law Written by Super User 36
MILF to hold consultative assembly Written by A. Ibnusman 51
Congress approves BBL Written by Abdullah Cusain 164
BTC urges senate to file its proposed BBL Written by Abdullah M. Cusain 578
Bangsamoro Assembly will push through on Nov 26-27: BTC Chairman Written by Gandhi Kinjiyo 747
BBL now in Congress Written by A.Ibnusman 903
BBL to be prioritized by Congress Written by A. Ibnusman 942
BTC submits new BBL to Duterte Written by Ibn Usman 2292
BTC Holds En Banc Public Consultation In Midsayap, North Cotabato Written by Mary Ann Dela Torre 496
Community of Sant’Egidio hails launching of expanded BTC Written by Arland Abubakkar 484